“I am so thrilled. The class is amazing and Roxi’s tail is wagging more and more each week. She seems so happy and the way she looks at me in class and at home is just the best. My parents were just here dropping off the kids’ Valentines and I was showing Roxi’s Relaxation technique. They were amazed as she stayed while I walked around her, came in and out of the room, faked a knock on the door and a visitor opening the front door. For our grand ending, I gave her a treat and told her to stay (I was soooooo nervous). I looked at my mom and dad and said “can you believe her?” I walked to our island in the kitchen and looked out towards the front hall. From nowhere, in my most excited voice I practically yelled, “Oh my God!! Look who is here!! Come in.” as I started for the front hall. “How are you?” I continued to say. Kerry’s little girl was here too and Ella plus my three kids raced Lenni from the other direction to the front hall while my pride and joy STAYED – just staring at where she last saw me disappear from! Mom and Dad, remembering what Roxi was like when she first came here, almost fell over!”

— Erin and Roxi


“We have had the pleasure of finally finding a training facility that has met our training needs – Family Dog Training. The expertise and knowledge of Paul and his staff is exceptional. Their positive approach, friendliness and enthusiasm to assist you and your dog in developing a quality relationship is immeasurable. They also provide you with the necessary tools and resources to improve the quality of life for your dog. Our dog Hadley passed her Canine Good Citizen test at 10 months old because of the skilled staff and their ability to help dogs and owners succeed. Prior to finding Family Dog Training, we experienced other trainers and we cannot express enough how much we have enjoyed training with Paul and his staff. I highly recommend Family Dog Training.”

— Jen and Cathy (and Hadley)


“We had a great time at our class! The instructors were great, and very loving to my little RUFFian. They are really great at what they do, and the entire class seemed to have a good time and learn a lot. Delilah even does her excited whining once she realizes where we are driving to. I am excited to come back for some more classes soon, and would recommend Family Dog Training to anyone.”

— Sara and Delilah


“Thank you for teaching me manners and learning how to make friends. I had a lot of fun here and I especially like that I got to eat so much! I want to come back soon and learn some more.”

— Delilah


“Family Dog Training is a joy! Two dogs and I am so happy with how they have grown up by using the clicker method of training. This is a caring business which will not only train your dog but you too. No need to look any farther. Sign up today, put a smile on you and your dog’s face.”

— Gin and Bubbles and Sundae


“Paul has been central to our experience with our new dog, Lyra, from the beginning. He guided us to the right network for a breeder when we’d hit a dead-end; he patiently answered my many questions about house-training and a hundred other things before we got her; he came for a home visit and helped us arrange our small house to fit the new puppy best; and he’s been our right-hand man for training ever since. While our pup is still a little devil, her behavior is improving all the time, and with that, our love has grown. Paul demands dedication and focus from our family, and it’s been an important experience for all of us to rise to the occasion and see the results.”

— Barbara and Lyra


“You wouldn’t believe how often I’ve thought of you the past couple years and how many times Tim and I quote you. Your training made the biggest difference here. I’ll say it again – I don’t know how we would have gotten through the first couple years with Reb without your training!”

— Maureen and Reb


“Paul and Bridget have taught me SO much that has helped me to understand and more thoroughly enjoy my dog. I found Boomer through a rescue when he was 6 months old. I signed us up for training so I could have a well-behaved dog that I could trust with my elementary school age children. What I didn’t expect was to discover a communication method that has tremendously deepened my relationship with him. I thought Boomer was a great dog before, but now that we understand each other better, life in our household is so much more relaxed! Even the kids, now that they too understand “the rules”, get much more enjoyment from playing with him – and therefore play with him more. It’s a great positive cycle. Thank you!”

— Lisa and Boomer


“My three dogs and I have taken classes and lessons with Paul and Bridget for more than 5 years. Each class was unique, well run, informative and, most importantly, a lot of fun. We are looking forward to more exciting and educational classes at Family Dog Training.”

-– Maria, Tasha, Tucker and Meika